Yak Aircraft Web Portal

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Sales, Maintenance and a Chat Forum

WLAC Russian Engineering at White Waltham.
The Yak Forum hosted by Matronics.
Russian aircraft sales and information at Richard Goode Aerobatics.
One stop shop, Yak UK, at Little Gransden.
Yak World of Alabama


The Yakovlevs display team.

Wikipedia articles

Yak Aircraft Corporation,   Yak-52,   Yak-18T   and the rest.


Normal Checklist v2.5 (September 2010) PDF
Pilot Operations Handbook - unofficial translation v1.1 PDF


Engine maintenance manual PDF
M14P Fuel Consumption Google spreadsheet
Engine supplier Motorstar NA, agents of Motorstar Romania (Aerostar)

Other Yak web portals

YakSource.com, loads of links